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We develop for the operating theatre of the future.

ACTIVE INSTRUMENTS focuses on products and applications for surgical interventions.

We are convinced that smart instruments are far superior to stationary robotic systems in most surgical applications.

ACTIVE INSTRUMENTS offers a modular system platform of hand-held, intelligent instruments.

This meets demanding requirements in various fields of application and offers considerable advantages in terms of practicability, field of application and cost-effectiveness, both in comparison with conventional and with previous manipulator- or robot-supported processes.

Intelligent handheld instruments

In surgical procedures, there are a number of situations in which it is desirable to support the manual activity of the surgeon:

When working at the limits of human fine motor skills, for example in micro-, neuro- or ophthalmic surgery

For stereotypical and time-consuming activities such as the closure of larger wounds

In regions with difficult instrumental and visual access

When geometrically exact interventions planned with imaging techniques are to be carried out

When, as in beating heart surgery, the processed structure moves

For this purpose, stationary robot or manipulator systems have been developed. These have proved to be too unwieldy and complex and do not fit sufficiently into the existing OR infrastructure and workflows.

Modular system platform

ACTIVE INSTRUMENTS offers a modular system platform consisting of hand-held intelligent instruments which, depending on the application, meets demanding requirements in the above-mentioned scenarios and has considerable advantages over previous manipulator- or robot-supported procedures in terms of practicability, application range and cost-effectiveness.

Active instruments, sensor-integrated and compact

The basic concept is compact, sensor-integrated, hand-held instruments whose position and movement in space or in relation to the processed structure is continuously analysed by computer with an actively moving working tip.

This can, for example in the case of a needle holder function, be deflected in such a way that on the one hand unwanted incorrect postures or movements, for example tremor, have no or at least less effect on the manipulation and on the other hand are capable of active processes such as the automatic gripping of needles or the setting of seams.


We are convinced that the best solutions come from clinics and practices. That’s why we work closely with users.

For this reason, the ACTIVE INSTRUMENTS team also consists of physicians, engineers and designers.

Our products should be designed according to the wishes of the users and meet the demands of the market.

Your ideas are therefore extremely important to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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