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The operating theatre of the future

With unique ergonomics, extensive safety against operating errors and self-explanatory functionality, the procedures developed by ACTIVE INSTRUMENTS open up new areas of application for surgical therapy.

At the same time, established interventions can be performed more precisely, faster and more economically.

The surgeon retains control

The surgeon retains full control over all procedures. Due to the design, malfunctions of the instruments are hardly possible. In addition, a change between active instruments and conventional surgical procedures is possible at any time.

Operate better, faster and safer

Intelligent surgical instruments will help to make interventions better, faster and safer. Not only can the investment cost share per procedure be reduced, but shorter anaesthesia times will also reduce patient stress and the complication rate.

ACTIVE INSTRUMENTS systems measure up to conventional surgical procedures on the one hand and robot- or manipulator-supported procedures on the other.

Economical - in every respect

More than half of health expenditure is caused by inpatient treatment. The cost share of hospitals has been rising continuously for 30 years. A major cause is the increase in complex surgical interventions, which have resulted in high investment costs for equipment and above all for buildings. An important development trend to limit the increase in costs is therefore to use these expensive facilities more efficiently with a higher patient throughput.

Seamless integration into existing infrastructure

The key parameters for socio-economic benefits are:

Improvement of the therapeutic quality,

Acceleration of treatment,

thus few tying of specialized personnel and infrastructure such as treatment centers,

simple operability due to its design,

short set-up times,

low space requirement

and seamless integration into existing OR infrastructure.

Unrivalled, also under robot-assisted surgery

The platform concept, a compact design that facilitates a centralized distribution and service structure, has a positive effect on the investment and operating costs of the system and is far below those of stationary robot systems